Monday, February 21, 2011

PC Spring Cleaning, Music, and ESL

Spring Tune Up For PCs
The more preventative steps taken below, the better the workstations, whether at home or work, will be able to handle the demands expected of them.

If I can be of assistance or answer questions, please let me know.


Download, install, update , and run the following:

1. Update Norton Antivirus and run full scan. Quarantine all detected items.
2. Glary utilities: Check all boxes. Run “one-click maintenance”. Remove anything found.
3. SUPERAntispyware:  Run full scan. Remove anything found.
4. AntiMalware: Run full scan. Remove anything found.
5. Hard Drive Powerwash: Run full scan. Remove anything found.
6. Smart Defrag: Install; unchecking all “optional” components in the process. Select and run “Defrag and Fully Optimize”.


One of our county's music instructors posted this URL on Facebook.  It is an interactive website addressing music theory.  Check it out!  I'm confident that you and your students will find it quite engaging!

You might also find the drills at interesting.  (

ESL (English as a Second Language)

We just enrolled two ELLs (English Language Learners) whose native language is Gujarati.  That's a new one to me!  What to do about translating notes to home?  The Internet is simply amazing!  You can find anything if you dig deep enough.  I found an English-to-Gujarati program that allows for translating up to 100 characters at a time in trial mode. Good enough for me!

If you are a school with students who speak Gujarati, administrators, counselors, and all classroom teachers working with these children are required by Title III of NCLB to send home notices in BOTH English and the native language spoken at home.

The program (downloadable from the link below) allows for copying and pasting to and from word processing programs (i.e. Microsoft Word).

Yet another program (a mere $8.00) called GujaratiPad, allows for typing as you normally would in English, but the text appears as Gujarati characters.

Read more about it at
Download it from